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A quick introduction to WordPress

WordPress is free web software you can use to create a web site, blog, or app. Using themes and plugins, you can transform it into almost anything you can imagine. Being easy to learn and use, but also powerful and extensible, it suits both basic and advanced needs of millions of users all around the world.

Start out

Yey, you now have your theme! You’re about seconds ahead of having a beautiful site running.

A WordPress theme is a collection of files that work together to provide a graphical interface with an underlying unifying design for a WordPress-based website. In simpler words, it defines the look and presentation of the material published in it.

Remember that you must have a working version of WordPress already installed in your web server in order to install this (or any) WordPress theme. If you don’t, it’s not a problem at all. You can easily install WordPress in about five minutes.

New to WordPress? Take a look at these video lessons to get you started!

Installing your theme

As with any other theme, you can install Paeon automatically from your WordPress Dashboard, or you can upload its files manually.

First time installing a theme? Follow our tutorial and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Nice Theme Options↑ Back to Top

The theme comes with a comprehensive but simple-to-use administration panel, which you can use to adjust many aspects of the theme in order to suit your specific needs.

Can’t find the theme options? Take a look at this article to learn where and how to configure them.

Widgets↑ Back to Top


Using WordPress widgets you can add custom content and features to different areas of your site with no code experience or expertise. It’s a powerful and easy way to control and extend your theme.

Unfamiliar with widgets? Follow our tutorial and learn about them while you set them up.

Widgetized areas

Paeon has many areas where you can add widgets:

  • Primary
  • Page
  • Footer 1
  • Footer 2
  • Footer 3
  • Home Sidebar

Nice Widgets

Paeon comes bundled with its own custom widgets. You will automatically find them as they are prefixed with “(NiceThemes)”

Page Templates↑ Back to Top


Using WordPress page templates you can change the default layout and functionality of your pages. This way, every section of your site will look and behave exactly like you need it to.

Unfamiliar with page templates? Follow our tutorial to configure them very easily.

Nice Page Templates

Smart comes bundled with its own custom page templates:

  • Home (template-home.php) — Usually the exact home page you’ll see on the theme demo.
  • Full Width (template-full-width.php) — A full width page template without the sidebar.
  • Blog (template-blog.php) — A page with your posts, organized as a blog section.
  • Blog Masonry (template-blog-masonry.php) — A page with your posts, organized as a blog section with masonry view.
  • Services (template-services.php) — A page with your services.
  • Services  Two Columns (template-services-two-col.php) — A page with your services, in a two column layout.
  • Staff (template-staff.php) — A page with your staff members.
  • Contact Form (template-contact.php) — A page with a contact form.

Setting up your home page

Your home page is the main page of your website, usually the first one a visitor will see. The Home page template, which comes bundled with the theme, is perfect for it.

Don’t know how to set up your home page? Follow our tutorial and replace the default posts list.

Setting up a gallery page

Sometimes you need to show a lot of images in a simple and intuitive way. In that case, you can use the Gallery page template, which also comes bundled with the theme.

Don’t know how to create a gallery page? Check this article and learn everything about it.

Images↑ Back to Top

Featured images

Using WordPress featured images (also known as post thumbnails) you can illustrate and represent posts of any type. They are a great way to emphasize your content.

Unfamiliar with featured images? Follow our tutorial and start setting them up.

Nice Image Sizes

For an optimal view, you should know the purpose of an image before uploading it, and make sure it has the proper size. Smaller images will be automatically generated from it.

  • Blog Template, Staff, Home Services: 480x480px
  • Blog Post: 730x40px
  • Blog Masonry: 580x405px
  • Slider Slide: 2560x1000px
  • Services Two Col: 480x180px

Navigation Menus↑ Back to Top


Using WordPress navigation menus you can easily offer a direct access to the different sections of your site.

Unfamiliar with navigation menus? Follow our tutorial and learn how to set them up.

Menu locations

Paeon has many locations where you can add navigation menus:

  • Navigation Menu
  • Footer Menu

Permalinks↑ Back to Top

Permalinks are the URLs to the content you publish. They are shown in your browser’s address bar, and they are essential for your visibility in search engines.

Unfamiliar with permalinks? Check this article to choose a SEO-friendly permalink structure.

Customization↑ Back to Top

If you are an advanced user, we recommend you learn how to customize your theme (don’t forget to check the related articles). The only limit is your imagination!

Demo Content↑ Back to Top

If you want your site to look like one of our demos, learn how to import demo content to your theme.

Updates↑ Back to Top

To obtain the latest version of the theme:

  1. If you bought the theme on ThemeForest:
    1. Get your ThemeForest purchase code.
    2. With your ThemeForest purchase code, obtain your NiceThemes license key.
  2. If your NiceThemes license key is expired, renew it.
  3. With your active NiceThemes license key, register your theme.
  4. Learn how to update your theme.

Support↑ Back to Top

You’re not alone in this. If you need assistance:

  1. Make sure your issue is related to the theme.
  2. Learn how to get support, and follow the steps we suggest.
  3. Try a search in our support center.
  4. Ask for help at Paeon’s support forum.

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