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  • theartneighborhood

    Every time I try to add a tool where there is an input field and a button next to it (for example, a subscription button or search bar) to my content area, the button is lower than the input field.


    Thank you for reaching out. I hope you’re doing well.

    Can you please try adding the following custom CSS:

    body[data-btn-shape="default"] input[type=submit], body[data-btn-shape="default"] button:not(.fancybox-button), body[data-btn-shape="default"] #commentform .button:active, body[data-btn-shape="default"] #respond input[type="submit"]:active, body[data-btn-shape="default"] .nice-contact-form input[type="submit"]:active {
        margin-top: 0;

    You can add that in Appearance > Additional CSS.



    That worked! Thank you, Juan.

    Thank you for the follow-up.

    I’m happy it worked.

    Have a nice day,

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