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  • Hi there, can you give me an update, please?


    Have you added the file I asked you to replace here? https://nicethemes.com/forums/topic/edit-body-text/#post-39686

    That should solve the problem. I can’t see that code in place.


    Hi there, thanks for that.

    I have updated the style.php file now, I must have uploaded something else before!

    I think I may have misunderstood how it is supposed to work – now the slider seems to be overriding responsive settings rather than scaling to the screen?

    That means that if the logo is seen on a small screen, but with a fixed height, you only see part of the logo.

    If you see the logo on a large screen, like retina, it only takes up a small part of the screen.

    Have you purposefully got rid of responsive header functionality?

    Hi Juan,
    Have I misunderstood the functioning of the header bar?

    Hi Duncan,

    The default behaviour is that the logo is seen the same way in retina and normal screens. The thing with retina is that it allows you to upload a special image for this (double size, recommended) and then the height is set in the settings. That way the logo has the same dimensions. So, from that point onwards is really up to what you configure in the settings. This theme doesn’t come with a special logo for the responsive menu. So it really depends to what you upload. For example, you can see that the logo of the theme is suitable for both.


    Hi Juan,

    My question is, the header logo used to appear to scale to the width of the screen when on mobile/tablet, but now stays at the height specified in the logo height scroller, which means that we lose half the logo on smaller screens.

    Is it possible to regain this functionality? Or was it never meant to function like that?



    The logo was not meant to work like that.


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