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  • URGENT: I am having two major issues that I need to resolve by Wednesday, Feb. 22, as I am taking a class and need to get this corrected before my teacher reviews my work.
    1. My sidebar is completely static—no scrolling, so people cannot see anything past “Recent Posts.” I am using a 21″ iMac (though this issue is the same on ALL devices) and working on the site through WordPress via Safari (latest version). This is totally unacceptable!

    2. I cannot get my home page to show the static content. Instead, it shows the blog. I have shocked “Static” a million pages, and it always shows as “static” in my admin pages, but never shows the stuff I need. They only way I can get the static info to show is by using a Blog template rather than the home page. BUT, then I don’t get any of the social media widgets, chance to subscribe, etc.

    My teacher was skeptical when I decided to use a NiceThemes theme rather than an official WordPress one. I hope she was not correct. I really love the design aspects of the Bref theme.


    Thanks for writing. There’s no such thing as official or unofficial themes. WordPress is an open source platform and anybody is free to create their themes. There are loads of companies around WordPress creating solutions and products like us.

    I’m happy you chose Bref.

    With regards to your questions:

    1) Yes, that’s part of the design. It has always been like that. The sidebar has a fixed position and the idea is that it stays fixed. You can play around with some CSS in order to modify that. I would recommend you to check the ‘postion’ attribute for the #header id. And remove the height attribute as well.

    2) I don’t understand what do you mean by static vs blog. All contents in WordPress are dynamic. The blog posts, and any other content. Would you please be more specific on this regard?


    Hi. I’ll check the position attributes and see if that can help.

    As for static. The Bref documents said I can make the text on my Home page static (i.e., not change, or update). I don’t really want my blog posts to be the first thing people see. Instead I developed a page with my own content, but, if I select the “Home page” template, it doesn’t show any of my text—just a running list of my blog posts. The Home Page template DOES give me all of the social media links, etc., but if I use the content I developed, all of those things go away.

    Does this make sense?

    In essence, I want a homepage that has:

    • Static images and text (that I can change in the admin mode when I want/need to).
    • Sharing links for FB, Twitter, etc.
    • A menu to link to the blog pages, etc.
    • A spot for site visitors to subscribe to the blog, etc.


    Thanks for your prompt response.

    The theme documentation states that there are different templates packed with the theme. Among the templates, there’s one named “Home Page”. You can check how it looks here: http://demo.nicethemes.com/bref/

    All of the contents of the home page template can be edited through the portfolio items and infoboxes. Plus the widgets.

    I’m not sure if you want to have the page content within that page.



    That is what I understood. I’ll see how difficult it will be to edit. I’ve been trying to add the info boxes, but I assume I’ll need to experiment more. I might suggest that NiceThemes work at making two versions of the HomePage template: one that’s static and one that’s like what the theme has now. Not everyone wants the blog stream to be the first thing people see.

    No problem.

    Having the latest posts on the index template is a WordPress requirement/standard when developing themes. You can read more about this, here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Development

    Adding info boxes is really straightforward. You just need to go to the InfoBoxes > Add new menu on the left part of the dashboard. Then, the form is the same as the page/posts one. You need to add a title, a description and set a featured image.


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