Widgets cut off in sidebar and can't scroll down to see them

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  • pickleinthemiddle

    Hi Juan

    Sorry – another question.

    I have added two widgets to my site’s sidebar, and am unable to scroll down to see them, as they get cut off by the browser window. I am using Chrome (version 29.0.1547.57 m) and have also tested it in Firefox (23.0.1).

    The problem might be that my logo is very long and narrow, which pushes the widgets down the screen a fair way. Is there anyway to enable scrolling for the sidebar?

    Thanks for your assistance again.


    Juanfra Aldasoro

    Hi Karah,

    Thanks for writing, how are you today?

    Bref’s design, basically, has the sidebar (where the logo and the menu are) with a fixed position, and that’s what making you to not see the widgets you add in there. Because is always fixed to the top left part of the screen (unless you change the position through the options).

    And actually, seeing the widgets or not, depends on the user resolution. It doesn’t have to do with the way the logo is. On bigger screens with other resolutions I’m sure it’ll be shown.

    Would you please send me your site access details over support@nicethemes.com? I’ve tried with the data you’ve entered when submitting this ticket and couldn’t log in, and the site is restricted to logged in users.

    Thanks and have a good day,

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