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  • Hi!
    I have the error in wish list view:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘?>’ in P:\Webserver\OpenServer\domains\test1zin.ru\wp-content\themes\smart\includes\plugin-integrations\woocommerce\templates\wishlist\wishlist-view.php on line 86
    Please check this
    Thank you

    Juanfra Aldasoro

    Hi Igor,

    Thank you for writing. I hope you are doing well.

    I wanted to ask you some questions in order to help you fix this:

    How did you upload the theme? Are you currently running WordPress locally or online? Is it a Windows server by any chance? Do you get to know the PHP version?

    If you go to that file, on line 86 what do you get to see? Can you copy and paste here that line?

    Thank you,

    Thanks for your answer!
    The problem is simple. Missing a closing “)” in strings 84, 91, 104, 171, 266, 274 in wishlist-view.php
    84. <?php echo apply_filters( 'yith_wcwl_wishlist_view_name_heading', esc_html__( 'Product Name', 'smart' ) ?>
    and the same problem in form-checkout.php Missing a closing “)” in string 28:
    28. ( 'woocommerce_checkout_must_be_logged_in_message', esc_html__( 'You must be logged in to checkout.', 'smart' ); // WPCS: XSS Ok.
    With this correction all works ok
    Thank you!

    Juanfra Aldasoro

    Hi Latsin,

    Thanks for the follow-up. Perfect, we’ll be fixing this issue ASAP.

    Have a nice day,

    Juanfra Aldasoro
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