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  • Hello, I am using the Youtube embed plus plugin to add videos on my theme.
    The video works and APEEAR on the detailed page but does`t APPEAR on the Homepage beneath the Latest posts section, it just appear the Title of it!

    Any help please ?

    Hi Omar,

    Thanks for writing. Unfortunately we can’t provide support on plugins we don’t own. I’m sure that if you contact the plugin developer, he will be able to help you.

    This theme is prepared to have the Video Post format in which you can set the embed code and the video should appear on the blog post page.


    Thank you for reply Junafara,
    Actually I used the youtube plugin so many times and I never faced such issue, look what the issue is.
    I can find the preview and the video inside the single.php ok, but it does`t show the video inside the home page!!
    In other words, I can`t find the embed code inside the (post-content) inside the home page, but I can find it inside the single.php page!!!
    You can please visit my site to check it, the post name is Test Video, still under construction!


    Juanfra Aldasoro

    Hello Zeidan,

    Thanks for writing.

    Unfortunately we don’t provide support in products that are not ours. That plugin is not part of our catalog.

    I don’t know exactly what is that you’re looking for. When you go to the “New Post” page in your backend you can pick if you want to create a Video Post. If you pick that, and you set the embed code correctly, the video should be shown in your home page, in your blog template, and in the single page for videos.

    Happy new year,

    Thank you for reply,
    Okay what do you mean by (set the embed code correctly) I take the vimeo / youtube link and I post it to my post, then I choose that this is a video !
    The video shown in single-page.php but not at the homepage.php

    Is there anything else should I do ?

    Many thanks.

    Juanfra Aldasoro

    Hello Omar,

    Please check that you need to put the embed code in the Bref settings. Not in the post content. That way is the way it works.


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