We are NiceThemes.

Our name speaks for itself. NiceThemes is basically a WordPress shop, a space where you can get phenomenal WordPress products with exceptional coding.

We help you build awesome projects with WordPress.

We release premium quality WordPress themes and plugins for all types of sites and publishers on a regular basis, providing continuous support & updates.

Better WordPress websites.

That's our mission. To empower your WordPress projects. Our main purpose as a company is to create value for you.

And help you to build something amazing.

Our Core Values

These are our core values. They help us move forward in the direction we want.

Be Nice.

Every team need people who can speak up and express their thoughts and ideas clearly, directly, honestly, and with respect for others and their work.

Do what you love.

We love what we do. We love working with WordPress every single day. Loving what you do is a key factor when it comes to improving and becoming better at what you do. Passion never fails and it's the nicer way to get better.

Be a team player.

There's no "I" in team. In order to have a solid team, we need strong team players who are and play nice. Enthusiasm is contagious. Team players needs to have fun when working with their teams. In stressful times, a joke or laugh can go a long way.

Make Mistakes.

That's what makes us human. Making mistakes equals moving forward. Making mistakes means you're taking risks, learning & growing.

Iterate, iterate, iterate.

Persistence is sublime. Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work.

Make things people love.

Making things people love will always be challenging, and it will keep anyone moving forward.

5% for the future.

We're all about WordPress. We're fully commited to supporting this fantastic tool. We participate in many ways, teaching, learning, spreading the word out there. We destinate at least 5% of our time by contributing in the following ways:

  • Code and translations
  • Organising the local Meetup
  • Organising the local WordCamp
  • Spreading the word
  • Contributing to other Open Source projects around WordPress
  • Teaching
  • Many, many other ways

Ready to disrupt? We are hiring

Your impact will be tremendous, you'll be involved in the development of products that are used by — literally — thousands of websites. We are looking for:


Driven by a strong desire to create.


Proven record of getting things done.


Passionate about dreaming and building big.

What we value

  • Collaborative and self motivated people.
  • Great communication skills: being able to clearly articulate your choices.
  • Eager to solve. Being able to understand very complex problems and come up with dead simple solutions.
  • Humility. Being able to listen to constructive feedback.
  • Eager to learn new things
  • Expertise in any visual tool you use to create your designs.

Big Plus

  • You have a hobby.
  • You enjoy arts, in any of its variations.
  • You can materialize ideas.
  • You can do more than 5 push-ups.
  • You care about your well being.

Open Positions

At the time, we're looking to fill the following positions.

Happiness Engineer.

Our users need help on getting their sites. We need to support them, and make their experience absolutely awesome.

  • Your home will be the forums.
  • Perfect English level.
  • You can work remotely.
  • HTML, CSS, PHP: You need to understand technical stuff to give support and find what users are looking for.
  • Patience
  • WordPress
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Pixel Wrangler.

Your role will be to inspire changes to the products such that it meets the needs of the users while keeping the user experience frictionless. You'll be owning the look and feel of the different products and brand. You'll also be involved in every aspect of the product development process.

  • Graphic criteria
  • Photoshop - Sketch - Illustrator
  • HTML5 & CSS (SASS) = Plus
  • Great communication skills
  • Artistic background is a plus
  • Familiar with new technologies
  • Typography
  • User Experience
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Code Jedi.

As a developer here you’ll be responsible of building and maintaining different WordPress products.

  • HTML, CSS (SASS) & JavaScript
  • Advanced PHP (Procedural & OOP)
  • Complete understanding of how WordPress works.
  • Complete knowledge of WordPress functions & hooks.
  • Basic knowledge of typography and design.
  • Git (Please include your GitHub profile)
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