Theme Type Business, Portfolio
Version 1.0.8 Latest Updates
Requirements WordPress 4.5+ / 4.8
Our Commitment Frequent Updates

Color Schemes

Choose a preset color palette to create the custom look you want without touching a line of code.

Custom Widgets

Built-in widgets for advanced functionalities. Add Twitter, Flickr, Advertising , Portfolio and more.

Filterable Portfolio

Allow your site visitors to dynamically filter your portfolio with the portfolio page template.

Page Templates

Beautiful templates right out of the box. Each theme comes packaged with different custom templates – full width, contact, archives and more.

Custom Logo

Brand your site in just the blink of an eye. Use the custom logo uploader within our Theme options and have your site look your own way.

Options Panel

Effortlessly modify your site with our theme options panel. Nicely add your own logo, change the site style, add Google Analytics code and much more.

Display your work in a clean and organized way

Beautifully coded. Wether if you are a designer or a developer, you'll get to customize it your way.

Responsive Design

Netelier was crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience — easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling — across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones, tablets, etc).

Retina ready

Anyone will see the beauty of your site anytime, anywhere, on any device. Nice touch.

Supporting you, helping you make something great

Our efforts go into making installation as easy as can be for you. Purchasing an NiceThemes product grants you a minimum of one year of free support from our friendly and experienced team.

Support Forums.

Supported by real people. Our quick-response support helps you solve your problems fast. Everyone behind NiceThemes is an experienced WordPress user.

Visit the Support Center

Knowledge Base & Docs.

Our Knowledge Base articles comprehend an assembled list of guides for common problems, questions, and their answers.

In the documentation you'll find all you need to get started.

Check the Knowledge Base

Frequent Updates.

Technology keep moving forward, so do we. We take pride in offering frequent updates to our products in order to keep everything up to date.

Ready for friendly, professional WordPress help?

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