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If you’ve just purchased a theme and want to set it up like the demo site, you’re in the right place. Below you’ll find a simple explanation on how to import the demo contents to your WordPress site.

How to import the demo content to your WordPress Site

  1. On Your WordPress Dashboard, go to Tools > Import > WordPress.
  2. Install the WordPress Importer.
  3. Browse for the XML file and import it.
  4. All of the demo content should now be uploaded to your site and ready to use. Check it out!.

After you are done with the import

You need to do a couple of things in order to get your site configured and looking like the demo site:

  1. Set up the front page.
  2. Set up the widgets for the different widgetized spaces.
  3. Configure the navigation menu.
  4. Save the theme options. In your site dashboard, go to NiceThemes > Theme Options and hit the Save button.
  5. You’re now good to go!

XML Demo Files

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