When we made our first approach to design the structure of our theme framework, we decided that the best way to handle images would be using the timthumb script. It is widely used by loads of WordPress theme developers. We considered that it was really powerful in the sense that it can dynamically change the size of any image, even making them bigger in size, crop them, etc. Now that we have a customer base, and our themes are used in – we can gladly say – thousands of websites, the common denominator across our support base was problems with images.

On our previous theme releases – since the framework version 1.0.5 – we’ve included an option to pick the WordPress native image functions to handle images, instead of the timthumb script. The intention of this was to prepare the field for our next step, which will be removing timthumb from all our themes.

So we highly recommend that, in case you’re still managing images with timthumb on your site, you update the option to the WordPress native functionalities in order to prepare for the upcoming changes in both theme and framework versions.

To achieve this, first make sure that your theme is up to date. Then, just go to your Theme Options Panel and find the “Images” section on the left hand menu.

Pick the WP Dynamic Resizing and the Image cropping option.

If you get to see that your site’s images look awkward, you must regenerate the thumbnails. You can simply get this done by using the “Regenerate thumbnails” plugin.

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