Get rid of "Buy Flatbase" banner on home page

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  • How do I get rid of the Buy Flatbase banner that is on our home page? We’ve purchased the product and registered the licence key.

    Juanfra Aldasoro


    Thank you for reaching out to us. I hope you’re doing well.

    The “Buy now” link can be easily removed. It’s part of the demo contents you are importing. There’s two places where we have that in the demo content.

    One is the “Call to action”, the section above the footer. To remove that you should go to the Theme Options > Design & Styles > Call to Action and remove the contents for “Call to action text”, the button and the url.

    The second is part of the “Widgets”. So you can remove that by going to “Appearance > widgets” and then finding the widget that has the “Buy now” content. It should be located in the “Footer 3” section.

    Please let me know how it goes.


    Thanks, didn’t realize it was a widget!

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