Portfolio Page image Error message and image size on portfolio posts

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  • On the portfolio page, I’m getting error messages for some of the larger images. The Error message that appears on the page instead of a photo is:

    GD Library Error:
    Imagecreatetrucolor does not exist – please contact your webhost and ask them to install the GD library

    I’ve confirmed with my webhost that GD Library is installed.

    In addition, for thumbnail images that do display on the main portfolio page, they display roughly when you go to the single portfolio pages, because it appears they are being scaled up to 610 px wide from smaller 480 px wide originals.

    I have deactivated all my plug-ins and the problem still seems to be happening.

    Juanfra Aldasoro

    Hello Carlos,

    Thanks for writing.

    Then, they have installed a version of GD without Imagetruecolor, which is needed to resize the images. Ask them to get that in your server.

    The problem is related to a server requirement, it is not related to any plugin.


    My webhost has told me its possible to have it installed. Before that can be determined, can you provide the server requirements for the GD Library?

    Juanfra Aldasoro

    Hello Carlos,

    GD is one thing, that depending the version comes with Imagetruecolor or not.

    From the php.net site:

    Depending on your PHP and GD versions this function is defined or not. With PHP 4.0.6 through 4.1.x this function always exists if the GD module is loaded, but calling it without GD2 being installed PHP will issue a fatal error and exit. With PHP 4.2.x this behaviour is different in issuing a warning instead of an error. Other versions only define this function, if the correct GD version is installed.


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