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  • Hello, I can´t have the theme translated to spanish. I have followed generic instructions but some parts like contact form is still in english and I don not know what to do to get it translated.

    I have set wp_lang to es_ES, then created a languajes folder in wpcontent. I’ve tried deleting lang folder in themes, but no succes. Any idea what might be?. Other templates show no problem.


    Juanfra Aldasoro


    Thanks for writing.

    Would you please explain me step by step what is that you have done so far?

    Is your WordPress dashboard in Spanish?


    Thank you. I´ll try.

    1= download WP in spanish and extracted from the the wpcontent/ Language the es_ES .mo and .po files.

    2 created a “language” folder inside wpcontent and upoaded the es_ES files

    3 I added es_ES in the wp_lang definition inside wp-config.php

    After doing that, dashboard was in spanish and some texts were also translated, however most of it remained in english.

    Then i tried different things like renaming “lang” folder in the theme direcctory, renaming files .mo and .po in theme directory. I even edited and added some translation to nicetheme.po and mo using poedit, but had no effect. Now I have reseted everything as original.

    Finally, i have tried with Qtranslate and also with Polylang plugins, but I wasnt able to make it work so I decide to contact You, Juan..

    I’m goin to reset everything to default now, unisitalling plugins etc..



    Juanfra Aldasoro

    Hi Carlos,

    Thanks for the follow up.

    You need to place the .mo and .po files inside the lang/ folder inside the theme. Have you tried that?


    Yes, I have tried that too, but same result. :·(. If you want I can send you url or screenshot. Thanks

    Juanfra Aldasoro


    One last question. Did you translate the es_ES.po and .mo files?

    You can send me your site details over with a reference to this topic.


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