Website breaks w/ updates

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  • When I try any updates, it breaks my site. Can you please look into this for me? We have the theme version 1.3.3 which I believe is the latest version.

    I do see this warning: jQuery Migrate Helper
    Right now, you are using a plugin to support some old code in this website’s jQuery JavaScript library. That code is deprecated, meaning it is basically obsolete and is losing the support of your themes and plugins and WordPress itself.
    This plugin, called Enable jQuery Migrate Helper, is not a fix. It is a temporary solution to give your plugin and theme authors time to update.
    If you get warnings, please check for updated versions of the plugin or theme that generated the warning. There will very likely be one you can install. When you have updated your plugins and themes, and there are no more warnings, please deactivate Enable jQuery Migrate Helper.
    You are currently using a legacy version of jQuery. It has no support and doesn’t receive security updates. Please upgrade as soon as possible.
    Plugin settings | Logged deprecations


    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    I see that you’re on the latest page and I don’t see your website breaking. Where can I see that it is breaking?

    The notice that you’re seeing is coming from the plugin “jQuery Migrate” and it is unrelated to the theme.


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